Selfie at a Funeral


Tweaked a recent poem in honor of President Obama’s Selfie 🙂  Maybe he should have read my poem first!

Wretched world leaders!

Narcissistic remoras!


A selfie is no way to memorialize those who have transitioned

Tongues protruding from gaping mouths

Dumbassery on display for the universe to see

Light a candle in his honor

Reminisce with fellow guests

The First Lady would agree

Do not disrespect South Africa’s son

With another idiotic selfie

The Sales


A parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Bells

Hear the retailers with their sales

Friday sales!

What a thrill their ad reveals!

Oh the ring, ring, ring,

Throughout the store!

The happiness it brings

Hear the register cha-ching

Time with the family a bore;

Sounds of the season,

Meaning forgotten, the reason,

The promise of savings never fails

Oh the sales, sales, sales,

Sales, sales, sales, —

From the ringing and cha-changing of the sales.

November PAD Challenge, Day 29: Write a commercial poem