The garden is growing!


What do the names RJ Clarken, Walt Wojtanik, Hannah Gosselin, Laurie Kolp, De Jackson, Rob Halpin, Aimee Halpin and the late Dyson McIllwain have in common?

They all probably first crossed paths at Poetic Asides with Robert Lee Brewer. They have been fervent contributors here at POETIC BLOOMINGS. But, what many may not know, they have all served as administrators and prompters at the flash fiction site, FLASHY FICTION.

Well, in keeping with this air of change in our beloved garden, I would like to announce that FLASHY FICTION will be joining up under our new banner to be a part of FLASHY FICTION FRIDAY. Rob Halpin and his wife Aimee along with myself, have been keeping the site (which RJ Clarken and her cohorts started back in the early days of Rock!… well, not really that long ago!) on life support and I felt this would be…

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