Wing It


a parody poem for Creative Bloomings

This always happens when my favorite song’s on

I want to belt it out, want to sing along

But I don’t know the words, the lyric’s all wrong

So wing it, just wing it

Make up a melody, hum to the beat

If you can’t remember, then just tap your feet

When your favorite tune plays, fake it and repeat

Just wing it

Go on act like a fool

Just wing it, wing it, wing it

Open up your mouth and sing it

Whistle the Dixie, play your hand like a drum

It doesn’t matter, the volume’s turned up

Just wing it, wing it, just wing it, wing it, ooh!

 Next time the music’s on and your brain is on hold

Turn the speakers up, and go for gold

Follow this advice, it’ fool proof I’m told

So wing it

Just wing it, wing it, wing it, ooh!

The Sales


A parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Bells

Hear the retailers with their sales

Friday sales!

What a thrill their ad reveals!

Oh the ring, ring, ring,

Throughout the store!

The happiness it brings

Hear the register cha-ching

Time with the family a bore;

Sounds of the season,

Meaning forgotten, the reason,

The promise of savings never fails

Oh the sales, sales, sales,

Sales, sales, sales, —

From the ringing and cha-changing of the sales.

November PAD Challenge, Day 29: Write a commercial poem