Found Poem “in Our Dreams We Read


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A found poem from prologue of “In Our Dreams We Read” by Bruce K. Berger

Illiteracy smacked me

Sent me sprawling

Reading was never optional

My mother was a schoolteacher

My father devoured newspapers

–And western novels

I gathered for nightly bedtime stories

Trekked each week to the library

Stories fed my imagination

Fueled my dreams


Literacy isn’t a gift given to all

Bob couldn’t read

What don’t you understand?

“The whole damn thing, he said.”

“I can only read in my dreams.”


Illiteracy isn’t sexy

It doesn’t wear suggestive clothing

Sometimes they pretend

They are proud

So they just keep on keeping on

It is not an unsolvable problem

People who can read

Help others to read

What finer thing can someone do

Than influence the life of another?