He trudged to work each day

Slaved for love; it barely paid

Found that love shattered

Brought a man to his knees

Low to the earth toiling

To plant a tiny seed


Written for Poetic Asides Wednesday Poetry Prompt 253


Murder at Chain of Rocks Bridge


chain of rocks bridge

Chain of Rocks your secrets keep

what remains beneath buried deep

My heart bleeds forsaken one;

justice serves no retribution.

 The mighty Mississippi weeps

 over her watery grave.

The Write Life


The stress of not knowing of constantly going
To check an email, a blog, that submission thingamajob!
The stress takes its toll; it constantly shows
In the wrinkles and lines; that crease between my eyes
When will it end; the rejection
Not for me—good luck—it has merit but
It’s not a good fit—the next agent may like it—enough!
To make me scream, pull out my hair, phone a friend
Take a chance, do a dance in the rain naked and then
Grab paper and pen, sit at my desk or under a tree
You see, it’s the write life for me!

The Sales


A parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Bells

Hear the retailers with their sales

Friday sales!

What a thrill their ad reveals!

Oh the ring, ring, ring,

Throughout the store!

The happiness it brings

Hear the register cha-ching

Time with the family a bore;

Sounds of the season,

Meaning forgotten, the reason,

The promise of savings never fails

Oh the sales, sales, sales,

Sales, sales, sales, —

From the ringing and cha-changing of the sales.

November PAD Challenge, Day 29: Write a commercial poem

Translation Lost in Poetry


Poetry is what gets lost in translation. ~Robert Frost
-a nod to his melodious form

Poetry is what gets lost in translation
Words wilt on weathered tongues
Understanding dawns on enlightened minds
Though Monthly turned you down
Those who inspired your greatness
Found America’s laureate renowned

Do not fret over translations lost
Roads diverged or less traveled by
Those reluctant to accept
The ones who dared belie
The likes of TS Elliot, Edward Thomas and Ezra Pound!
Who were they to deny?

November PAD Challenge Day 24 – Respond to a statement, quote, etc.

I Should Not Be Here


I should not be here
honeyed lips meeting mine
breath brushing my hair
our bodies entwined

I should not be here
fingers tracing the line
of my jaw; transcendent
suspension of time

I should not be here
but each time I find
it unbearable to leave;
to return to my life

I should not be here
nails raking your spine
pressed core to core
celestial coalescence divine

I should not be here I sigh . . .

November PAD Challenge Day 23: I should not be here poem-based on my new favorite TV show Betrayal!