The River’s Crusade


Carnassial claws plunder the rushing water
The mighty river quivers, reluctant to release its treasure
Roars as the fowl bandit rips riches from its depths
Waves slap the feathered beast with intense fury
Fresh tears fall, overflowing its swollen banks
Defeated, the river ceases its coursing

Creative Bloomings Prompt #143: Personification


This Is My Truth


I’m not allowed to freely speak
I bite my bleeding tongue in cheek
My teeth grate from the weight of it
My jaw aches from the pain of it
Hang my head from the shame of it
The truth will not set me free today

The Sales


A parody of Edgar Allen Poe’s, The Bells

Hear the retailers with their sales

Friday sales!

What a thrill their ad reveals!

Oh the ring, ring, ring,

Throughout the store!

The happiness it brings

Hear the register cha-ching

Time with the family a bore;

Sounds of the season,

Meaning forgotten, the reason,

The promise of savings never fails

Oh the sales, sales, sales,

Sales, sales, sales, —

From the ringing and cha-changing of the sales.

November PAD Challenge, Day 29: Write a commercial poem

I Should Not Be Here


I should not be here
honeyed lips meeting mine
breath brushing my hair
our bodies entwined

I should not be here
fingers tracing the line
of my jaw; transcendent
suspension of time

I should not be here
but each time I find
it unbearable to leave;
to return to my life

I should not be here
nails raking your spine
pressed core to core
celestial coalescence divine

I should not be here I sigh . . .

November PAD Challenge Day 23: I should not be here poem-based on my new favorite TV show Betrayal!

Selfie At a Funeral 1


Wretched millennia!

Narcissistic remoras!


A selfie is no way to memorialize the deceased

Tongues protruding from gaping mouths

Dumbassery on display for the universe to see

Light a candle in her honor

Reminisce with family

Do not disrespect your dear, departed Grandmother

With another idiotic selfie.

November PAD Challenge Day 22: Use 3 of these words-ideogram, remora, casket, eclipse, wretch

The Other Side


November PAD Challenge Day 21 : Write a secret poem…

On the other side
Iniquity lurks
Sequestered in shadow
A perversion of immaculacy
Cloaked in virtuosity
Morsels of concession melt on serpent tongue
Savored in cloistered sanctuary
Sanguine arrogance ascends superior sovereignty
Malevolent rapture fueled by wretched anguish
Mollifies the venomous viper
Shackled souls pray for divine intercession
Indemnity granted.

Always the Last to Know


Always the Last to Know

case closed
the police report read.

the neighbor reported seeing a car
same time two days a week;
it wasn’t her business.

the same beautician styled their hair
each month but not the same day;
she could keep a secret.

a friend heard the rumor
and once he made a pass at her;
but didn’t want to be the messenger.

the mother never trusted him
thought he was shifty and too flirty;
a mother always knows.

the husband never saw it coming
when she pulled the trigger.

Written for November PAD Challenge Day 20 : Use always in the title of your poem

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